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en: The article aims to move a step forward in the characteri zation of short marketing circuits in Argentina and their scope for strengthening diversified family farming and its re connection with territories. The methodology employed is basically qualitative and based on two case studies. While the circuits analysed show differences in their characteristics, internal organization, in the access to external advice and in the processes that led to their formation, they converge in sustaining production practi ces that involve less use of chemical inputs. They also promote the development of new skills an d a greater appropriation of value by producers. Other aspects that can be highlighted are their contribution to farmers’ persistenc e in their social systems of belonging, and to the development of farming styles that diverge from a mere adaptation to the agricultural model prevailing today in the Pampean region.>>>
Clara Craviotti
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Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje
en: This article aims to analyze the impact and adaptability of the Pawn New Statute in the South of Gran Buenos Aires horticulture. To do this, we identified the arrangements of regional horticultural work, and a brief tour is done by the most important features of PN S. This allows probing the distance be tween the regulated and practice. With these inputs alternatives adeq uacy of the law are discussed. It reflects that labor legislation and enforcement are a necessary policy but not sufficient for the problem of work er exploitation in a complex and unique sector such as horticultural.>>>
Matías García
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Edgardo González
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en: The present text deals a set of households located in rura l areas of Bernardo de Irigoyen (Misiones), where some members temporarily migrate to other provinces forestry employment. The objective is to understand migratory practice and its relative weight among other mechanisms of households’ social reproduction. The methodology is qualitative type by conducting interviews with migrant wo rkers and their relatives. The paper concludes that the spatial mobility is a resource which workers and their fa milies access unequally for their social reproduction.>>>
Alfonsina Verónica Albertí
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en: Over the last decade in Argentina, the agricultural acti vities have advanced over marginal areas for agriculture, such as the Salado Depression in the province of Buenos Ai res. The main objective of this work is to identify the diversity of ways in which agribusiness are expressed in the area of Chascomús and Lezama. For this reason, we propose to characterize the main economic actors invo lved in the production of grains and analyze disputes generated by land use. The methodology of investigation consists of the analy sis of semi-structured interviews to key informants and agricultural enterprises' agents, combin ing with the analysis of secondary sources of information. The results of the study show the intensificat ion of the competence on the use of the soil in the area, concluding that the new rules have involved the consol idation of some sectors (c onverted outsiders and local actors) and the subordination of others, including strata of small production.>>>
Patricio Vértiz
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en: The paper aims to diagnose obstacles to the commercializat ion of agricultural production of the settlement of São Domingos dos Olhos D’Água, municipality of Morrinhos, Goiás state. The research is characterized as exploratory, with qualitative approach and field re search. The results show that the difficulties in the commercialization of production, especially t hose produced with the based on agribusiness and intermediaries, can be overcome with the expansion of p ublic programs to support fa mily farms. It follows that family farming can be a viable alternative to combat the expropriation of the wealth produced by resettled farmers, especially with the establishment of commercializa tionmechanisms that connect them directly with the final consumer, such as the Food Acquisition Program (Programa de Aquisição de Alimentos).>>>
Alzair Eduardo Pontes
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Moacir José dos Santos
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en: The new pattern of modernization of agriculture and rural, in force in most rural areas of Brazil, is also present in the Southwest of Paraná. Thus, considering the marks left by this process, this research tried to see what were the factors that interfere in generational succession and began to influence the family farm's social reproduction strategy. For tha t, from a qualitative approach, this study sought to compare two rural communities by establishing 25 interviews each and two focus group sessions. The results of this study, it was noticed that the factors that favor the permanence of young people in rural areas were mainly: income, living in society and the inclusion of life projects of the children in the family's social reproduction strategies.>>>
Manoel Adir Kischener
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Miguel Angelo Perondi
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en: This article aims to point out the changes occured in t he life story of the resettled Irapé Hydroelectric Power Plant in Jequitinhonha Vale, Minas Gerais. The study was co nducted in the Community Reminiscent of Porto Coris Quilombo in Leme do Prado - MG. Fo r this, we used as the main met hod the case-study , with information collected from written documents, interviews, participant ob servation and participation in meetings of neighborhood associations that form the resettlement. Through this study, confirmed that the life tr ajectory of these resettled populations at Irapé is marked by the inevitab ility that a forced resettlement process has.>>>
Gilmar Fialho de Freitas
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Marcelo Leles Romarco de Oliveira
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Dayane Rouse Neves Sousa
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en: The "Altimir Report" is a work request ed by the Federal Council of Investment s (CFI) to a team of researchers led by Oscar Altimir, to be delivered to the Development Advisory of Chubut in 1970. Its objective was to plan the actions for installing the model of "development poles" a nd analyze policies to follow in other economic areas. Through a comprehensive review of the source, and its in tersection with other contributions, we explain what were the agrarian policies that were promoted in Chubut. It divides the province into regions, promoting a project that seeks to ensure the supply of food to urban areas, the provision of labor force to the industries to installed and the concentration of property in the rest of Chubut.>>>
Gonzalo Gabriel Pérez Álvarez
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en: Considering agrarian legislation of the last 50 years, this article expressed the objetive to identify and describe the concepts that are used for the char acterization and understanding of the conf ormation of the brazilian agrarian space. We noted, in this context, a process of change in the laws, which suppressed the concepts of latifundio (landlordism) and minifundio (small parcels property), wh ich created concepts of small property, of average property, of productive property and of family agricultu re, but which not considered other important definitions: large farms and paternal agriculture. This substitution of interpretative concepts limits the understanding of the brazilian agrarian dynamics, especially if we consider the analysis of contradict ory process of development capitalism in the field, in Brazil.>>>
Alcione Talaska
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Virginia Elisabeta Etges
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