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Federico Besserer
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en: Transnational perspective about migration and its elaboration is critically analyzed. By means of a collaborative research on Portuguese and Brazilian migration to cities at different scales, the his- torical situation, which initiated this paradigm and its recon fi gurations, is analyzed to study the migration into the cities. This work states that the advances obtain- ed allow showing the global processes that restructure the cities, the role of local and transnational practices of the immigrants, and explains how global, national and local issues are constructed by networks of inequi- table relations at specific moments and places.>>>
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en: The study of the transnational dimension of Tangier (a city located in the North end of Morocco) requires considering two dynamics which, whereas they converge, act at different levels. First, there is an intervention “from above”, whose initiative comes from the rulers, with a neoliberal vision widely opened to privatization and to the call of international fi nance capital. The second one refers to a movement “from below”, marked by the eco- nomic transformations in the area and the new opportun- ities in terms of investment, employment and exchange, as well as the transnational mobility of Moroccan emi- grants themselves who, through the borders, create their own transboundary space of life, work, social and labor networks. This paper analyzes both dynamics, starting from the international status that Tangier maintained until 1956 and focusing on its condition as a transna- tional city at the beginning of the 21 ST century.>>>
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en: The notion of ethnic econ- omy has been widely discussed in literature on eco- nomic activities, migrations and multicultural urban establishments. This paper carries out a systematic analysis of the different theoretical and methodolog i- cal approaches, in order to provide a context to its evolu- tion and put into question the use of certain terms used in the academic debate on ethnic economy in the context of the global city. The analysis is restricted to two axes: the relation between formal and informal economy, and the changing nature of the space.>>>
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en: Some concepts and categories are reviewed and raised to analyze the contemporary experiences of the return and reintegration/reimmigration of Mexican migrants returning from the United States and relocated in urban spaces. The research starts reviewing two key notions: return and reintegration, and then a proposal is offered from different theoretical approaches. The main contri- butions come from the perspective of mobility, the trans- national studies and the global migrations; it also con- siders some basic presuppositions of the research on migratory movement and urban areas.>>>
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en: A journey through the studies on the creation of transnational social movements, from a context of globalization, the fi ghts and resistance against the latter and the ana- lytical dif fi culties to categorize a social movement as transnational. The concepts of globalization, resistance, city and transnational community are brie fl y reviewed, and the importance of meanings and identities. Move- ments that show signi fi cant characteristics of what could be referred to as transnational exemplify it.>>>
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en: The American historiography of Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo is analyzed, in particular, the titles Sumario de la natural historia de las Indias (Brief of Natural Histo ry of the Indies) (1526) and Historia general y natural de las Indias (General and Natural History of the Indies) (1535), as examples of the epistemological transition from scholasticism to humanism and the beginnings of natural science in the so-called early modernity. This historiography illustrates the new pre- dominance of the sensorial experience, the veri fi cation of all the information through testimonies of reliable witnesses according to legal proceedings, and the cre- ation of descriptive and classi fi catory models to incor- porate the knowledge of American naturalism to West- ern historiography.>>>
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en: This paper intends to demonstrate the existence of a strictly sound society that is not produced by a personality or an idiosyn- crasy –though it is crossed by them–, but by space conditions of proximity and distance. Thus, the con- struction of identity and difference will be reviewed within the framework of a system of oppositions of space origin, founded in the distinction between inside and outside, from which processes of cohesion and social con fl ict arise through the mediation of sound.>>>
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en: This work intends to show, by examining the fash- ionable night clubs among the youngsters of the Me ridian elite, how racist speeches appear to be interweaved with class-conscious people in a space where discrimi- nation is not only prohibited, but that in the sole act belongs to a group. Although nightclubs are only one of many places where racism in Mexico is declared, it is considered that this study is relevant because those who attend them do not disguise their racist and dis- criminatory speech.>>>
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en: From the analysis of a choreographic and musi- cal play during the most important folklore festival in Argentina, the recent cultural policies of the national State and the provincial government of Formosa Province are reviewed to reshape the imaginary of a multicul- tu ral identity that incorporates the native element. How- ever , it is indicated how this involves an exotic perspec- tive that aesthetically emphasizes the otherness of some indigenous characteristics, whereas it hybridizes and makes others invisible, demonstrating the inequal- ities and tensions of that multicultural ideal. Also, it explores how those tensions tend to be visible by means of the appearance of a famous indigenous leader at the festival.>>>
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