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en: To determine the effectiveness of concept mapping in developing information skills, through non- probability sampling technique were selected 30 students enrolled in a Management course at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon during the academic year 2012-2013. A quantitative research approach and a quasi-experimental design was used. The students participated in an instructional unit on searching and evaluating information, based on concept maps. To determine student learning a test was used as a pre and posttest. To know the opinion of students on the strategy implemented an opinion questionnaire was administered. Because there was a significant increase in the arithmetic means of the posttest when compared with average pretest it was concluded that concept maps represent an effective strategy for learning skills of finding and evaluating information.>>>
Ivette Maldonado Rivera
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en: We study the catalogue of Sarmiento’s library writte n by the author, especially its thematic planning and the layout of books within each subject. We also relate this to other classification systems proposed by him. Finally, we offer an overview of the composition of the library according to the five major classes in which science was divided in the XVIIIth century. We conclude that both arrangement of books and library composition are representative of the author himself, of his interest on the method and on scientific latest innovations, and of the fragmentation of science that characterizes the XVIIIth century.>>>
Concha Varela-Orol
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Rocío Ameneiros-Rodríguez
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en: The objective was to compare the impact factor to 2 years of self-citations (IF 2Y) with impact factor 2 years without self-citations (IF2YWS) a nd IF2Y with the impact factor to 5 years (IF5Y) as well as IF2YWS with SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) about journals where they were published articles of excellence in smoking by Spanish authors in the period 2008-2012. The search was conducted in the SCI-E and the SSCI-E on November 25, 2013. Were selected documents that had the h index of the strategy global sample (numbe r of articles that have at least that number of citations) to search using the desc riptors "smok *" OR "tobac *". A total of 69 articles by Spanish authors were recovered from 55 journals. We f ound an almost perfect correlation between IF2Y and IF2YWS, reaching IF2Y the highest valu es. We also found an almost perfect correlation between IF2Y and IF5Y with good agreement, reaching FI5a highest values with a great variability a nd heterogeneity betw een journals. The correlation between IF2YWS and SJR is poor with a low c oncordance. Systematically, the IF2YWS have always higher values than SJR and both indicators measure, th erefore, different aspects, not be extrapolated or interchangeable.>>>
José Ignacio de Granda-Orive
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Adolfo Alonso-Arroyo
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José Francisco Pascual-Lledó
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Daniel E. López-Padilla
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Francisco García-Río
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Rafael Aleixandre-Benavent
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en: The work presents a description and analysis of chess books in Spain in the period 1900 to 1939. The tools used have been the main database of the Spanish libraries, along with bibliogra phical indexes of the subject matter. This has been contextualized with secondary sour ces. This allows us to locate the works analyzed in the social context of the time. Subsequently , a bibliometric statistical analysis us ed to assess and interpret issues of authorship, place of publication, publishers, years of increas ed circulation of works or controlling specific contents of the contributions. The results are us eful to check that Barcelona and Madrid topped the printing of books. Also it manifests high Spanish and foreign pr oduction around the year 30. Other data is remarkable the informative function that had the most publications.>>>
Jordi Brasó i Rius
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en: This paper is an abstract of the dissertation Profitability of a library using social media and highlights research carried out in order to demons trate the profitability of libraries that make use of social media both to offer products and services to the users in line with their expect ations and needs and to deliver different types of ROI. A set of social media indicators to measure the ev olution and results has also been established.>>>
Nieves González Fernández-Villavicencio
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en: The aim of this study is general knowledge of internal operation of the Library and Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, its objectives and functions, the types of funds and the technical issues related to the documentary treatment and information management. The information was obtained through field work, examining in situ facilities and documentation of the Academy. It has designed a questionnaire and performed an interview with responsible personnel to know the processing, distribution, use and applications of the documentation generated by the Academy Film. The study results provide new information on volume, types and thematic funds, documentary methodology, profile of users and documentation applications.>>>
Antonia Salvador Benítez
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Ana Nieves Millán Reyes
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