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es: Assessing the progressivity of a fiscal system is relevant to develop a global idea on the extent of redistribution. We analyze the evolution of how fiscal policy affects the design of a fiscal system, as well as its progressivity over time. We assess the dynamics of progressivity during the period 2002-2012. This work adopts a non-parametric approach to measure the progressivity of taxes and transfers in Mexico, using a common support of comparison. Progressivity increased and high levels of polarization and inequality generate a non-negligible impact on its level when the common support of comparison is applied.>>>
Luis Huesca Reynoso
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Abdelkrim Araar
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en: This study applied the Clayton and Gumbel copulas using the TGARCH model for marginal distribution of returns in order to describe the tail dependence between oil prices and the Mexican stock market index (IPC, Index of Prices and Quotations) on a weekly basis, from 2010 to 2014. We found that each of the analyzed series of stock index and oil returns can adequately be described with the proposed TGARCHmodel, and that there is some degree of conditional dependence in the tails, with greater volatility on the upper (right) tail and more stability on the lower (left) tail.>>>
Arturo Lorenzo Valdés
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Leticia Armenta Fraire
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Rocío Durán Vázquez
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en: This paper analyzes the gender gap in standardized test scores in Mexico. The data used comes from the ENLACE test for primary, junior high and high school. In primary and junior high school, girls perform better than boys in both spanish and math across the test score distribution, but in the top part of the math score distribution. In high school, across the test score distribution, girls perform better than boys in spanish and the opposite occurs in math.>>>
Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez
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Alma S. Santillán Hernández
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en: Mexico receive flow of remittances similar to those depicted by the flow of foreign direct investment. The central purpose of this paper is to discuss weather remittances are a significant factor to promote regional economic growth. This research shows that remittances contribute to the growth of GDP per capita when heterogeneity and spatial dependence are taking into account. These two spatial components are introduced in the analysis by implementing a standard convergence growth model under spatial econometric methods of panel data at state level for the 2001-2010 period.>>>
Miguel Ángel
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Marcos Valdivia López
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en: Mexico’s aerospace industry (IA) is considered strategic due to the possibilities offered to national business to be inserted into supply chain; by its productive characteristics involves the development of suppliers by externalities, which requires business co-location. This document applies the Co-location Quotient (CLQ) statistic in five Mexican entities in order to detect spatial co-location patterns in clusters related to the IA. The results indicate its spatial attraction to aerospace business, as well as electronics, machinery and equipment. Additionally, it can be identified differences in regards co-location patters with respect to the productive capacities by entity; this suggests inputs for the design of industrial policy.>>>
Amado Villarreal González
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Miguel Alejandro Flores Segovia
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