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en: The aim of this study is to describe how elementary school children portray children´s play in drawings. Data was collected in two consecutive weeks. The children were asked to describe their drawings. These interviews were transcribed, and the drawings were categorized by type of play, amount of physical activity, age, gender, social dimension and setting. Results show that the boys´ drawings represent competitive sports activities performed outdoors in the presence of other boys. In contrast, the girls´ drawings portray more sedentary activities performed indoors in the presence of other girls or adult women. In conclusion, children´s drawings might help to understand children´s play and thus provide alternatives to the prevailing models of physical culture imposed from early childhood.>>>
Francisco Moragón-Alcañiz
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Vladimir Martínez-Bello
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en: The study was proposed with the aim of (1) assessing the effect of anthropometric values in Costa Rican mothers and preschool children after an educational intervention with multimedia material, (2) assessing the effect of physical activity energy expenditure rate (GETs) of mothers when performing daily physical activity (AFC) and sports (AFD) after administering the treatment. The intervention was applied for 8 weeks in 50 families (mothers & preschool children) who completed anthropometric measurements. In addition sociodemographics and PA habits data were obtained. We used a randomized Research design with three comparison groups, and statistical analysis of variance. No significant interactions were found (p> 0.05) in any of the variables analyzed. The only significant difference in GET (p ≤0.05) was found between those mothers who do and those who do not do AFD. On average mothers engage in 6.93 + 6.505 minutes of daily AFD, with GETs 0.14 + 0.249 METs. Mothers involved in AFD obtained a higher GET when they socialize and do household chores, in contrast to those that do not do AFD (p=0.038; p=0.050, respectively). On average the GET by AFC of the mothers was 39.29 daily METs. Lack of time and the lack of commitment were the main limitations reported by the mothers in the AF intervention. It seems important to include in the interventions elements of behavior modification in families, specifically to encourage parents to commit to daily exercise.>>>
Martha Isabel Sánchez-Méndez
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Jessenia Hernández-Elizondo
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en: In high school social studies courses, terrorism is presented as a biased concept, framed by the logic of global hegemonic powers with the purpose of perpetuating the myths concerning the actors and the actions associated with the Middle East as well as their consequences on what is called the Occidental culture. Therefore, the objective of this article is to approach this concept from the perspective of the ideological discourse of security agencies and the media as it is reproduced in social studies textbooks in order to make an in-depth analysis of practices of terror and the way they are used as tools of the hegemonic power. The goal is to formulate a wider and demystified concept to be used in critical studies in Costa Rican high schools.>>>
José Arturo Solano-Solano
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en: For decades, leadership has been studied from numerous perspectives and in different areas of knowledge; however, the many approaches and the great number of publications, far from contributing to the discussion, have prevented a consensus. Despite its lack of clarity, the term continues to gain importance in the field of educational research. Based on the review of 40 publications, including five meta-analyses, this paper seeks to answer the following questions: How is leadership defined? How has the concept developed in the field of education and in other fields? What insights derived from the review of the literature are relevant to the work of school principals? This article supports the prevailing lines of research on leadership and provides and integrative view of the three main approaches. Leadership is considered a form of social order that emerges from the match between the characteristics of the leader and the needs of a group in a specific situation. It concludes that leadership is a fragile structure that is vulnerable and corruptible when it is established as a permanent working order. If there is clarity as to the origin of leadership as a phenomenon, the expectations about the performance of school principals will be defined.>>>
Centro Regional de Formación Docente e Investigación Educativa del Estado de Sonora
en: For the purpose of managing the different processes that educational organizations face in order to reach their organizational development and thus satisfy emergent claims of the context, the present article offers a conceptual review of the principal concepts associated with organizational development. It includes the management of the change processes required as well as the role of the administration of education which must develop intelligent organizations with improved cultures, willing to generate the necessary changes to achieve the organizational vision. One of its final considerations is that educational management has a key role in the efficient guidance of educational organizations, developing them as intelligent organizations so that they meet high standards in the service they provide which translates into better education for the target population.>>>
Guiselle María
Universidad de Costa Rica
Costa Rica
en: The objective of this study was to identify and analyze the characteristics of the written communication of the Language and Culture students at Chiapas Intercultural University and the Early Education and Elementary School Education students at the National Pedagogical University, Unit 071, in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas and its relation with their intercultural training. The nature of the study is exploratory and descriptive and used a survey, participant observation and a group interview with a convenience sample of eighty-three students which allowed the reflection on and the discussion about the characteristics of the students’ written production based on the analysis of their written production and their reading-writing experiences. Results indicate that the most serious problems are topic development and coherence. Students claim that they have received poor schooling which has ignored their ethnical background. These difficulties are due to lacks in their teaching training, the precarious condition of school organization, the lack of reflection on bilingual education, the advisor’s lack of ethical commitment and the deficient training received by their professors and advisors. The article argues that teacher education must be intercultural, including teaching strategies appropriate for both the indigenous language and Spanish.>>>
José Bastiani-Gómez
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María Minerva
Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas
en: “Pedagogy of Autonomy“ is a text in which Freire discusses how every educational endeavor is political and ideological, which is conditioned but not determined, and which goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. It considers the knowledge required for teaching practices and highlights at least five cross-curricular themes: the dialectical relationship between learning and teaching, the importance of taking into account emotional aspects, the political implications, the fact that teaching is more than providing information, and educators’ ethical commitment. It also argues that educational practices, as political endeavors, are deliberate and depend on the worldview (ideology) of educators. Such endeavors must entail the development of intentionality: the autonomy of the learner. Freire foresees the process of globalization and the impact of digital technologies on education and warns of the intent of such process: the subordination of education as an appendix to the world economy. Therefore, he recommends considering educational practices as holistic, dialectical, humanistic and ethical relationships in which both learners and teachers learn from one another which seems to indicate that education raises hope for a better world.>>>
José Ángel García-Retana
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