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Dalia Diez de Tancredi
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en: Astronomical and geographical factors determine weather mesoscale systems and produce variations of the regional daily pattern of the wind, independent of the primary circulation. Land and sea breeze systems are gravitational Àows produced by such conditions. Some of the components of the sea breeze system are the sea breeze fronts, the sea breeze gravity currents and the undular bores. In Venezuelan territory these regio- nal systems have been poorly studied, although they are of remarkable geographic and ecological importance. This paper, based on satellite ima- ges, bring evidence of penetration of sea breezes in the depression of the Unare river and the plains of Anzoátegui State. The creation of a network of automatic weather stations is proposed, in order to investigate the cha- racteristics of the mesoscale meteorological systems and its inÀuence on regional climate.>>>
Sergio Foghin-Pillin
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en: Coastal lagoons, besides being important sedimentation environments in the geological record, represent areas of great use and value to human. In Venezuela these lagoons are numerous especially distributed in the low and sandy coasts, and have been used in various ways since pre-Hispanic times, as producers of energetic material, supply of salt, support economic activities and tourism; but its use has not always been the right one, resulting in many cases, destruction and pollution of these water bodies, with serious consequences for the life they support. It is important to develop control and protection plans of coastal lagoons of Venezuela, that ensure their permanence and the vital roles they play for the benefit of all. In this sense, the present work aims to spread the values of the Venezuelan lagoons, its use and abuse and especially raise awareness about the importance of conservation.>>>
en: The active alluvial fans that have been built by torrential deposits mean highly unstable areas and hazard for the populations settled on them. The geomorphological characteristics of the fans located in the Massif El Ávila northern foothill are analyzed. The methodology considered: Characterization of the fan morphologies; morphometric measurements of the catchments and fans; estimation of the lithologic outcrop surfaces; and correlation between morphometric parameters of the fans and catchments. Show retrofilling kind morphologies with coalescence in some cases. Their longitudinal and transverse profiles show the typical concave and convex shapes. It behaves likewise as fan-deltas, part of its surfaces are under seawater. The fans are small dimensions and low slopes. The lithology has great influence on the morphology, development and extension of these, linked aspects the same way with the morphometry of the catchments.>>>
Williams Méndez
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Zuleika González
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Jesús Suárez
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Maraisa Arauno
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Mayerling Vielma
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en: In this research the grain size sediments of main channel and Àood plain of Portuguesa river were analyzed. We use the granulometric parameters of Folk and Ward (1957) and Folk (1962). The results indicate that the average size of channel sediments is medium sands, moderately well sorting, positive asymmetric and mesokurtic skeweness. On the other hand the sediments on the alluvial plain are dominated by the medium silt, with poorly to very poorly sorting, positive asymmetric and mesokurtic skewness. The histograms of frequency show that the sediments are unimodal. The scatter plots confirm these differences between the two environments. The Passega`s CM diagram, suggests that the channel sediments were carried in graded and uniform suspension, whereas the suspension pelagic predominate in the floodplain. It is concluded that the granulometric parameters of these deposits are associated with the factors: sedimentary environment, parent material, transport mechanisms, hydraulic sorting, chemical weathering and mineralogy.>>>
Orlando González
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en: The work zones the sectors exposed to the movements mass hazard triggered by the seismic activity. The study area extents the catchments from Camurí Chico to El Tigrillo (Vargas State, Venezuela). Such selection obey to: (a) is a seismically active area and with tectonic control evident; (b) the hillside instability exemplified in events like them of 1951, 1999 and 2005; and (c) nonexistence of seismic microzoning maps. This investigation it is based on the heuristic method, using univariate and multivariate geostatistical analysis for the obtaining of susceptibility map; application of Analytical Hierarchies Method (AHM) of the Multicriteria Evaluation (MCE) to assign weight weighted to the variables, and the buffer zones conformation method, to generate the hazard map. The model was calibrated and there was obtained that 95,5 % of the movements mass are in the units defined like Very High and High hazard.>>>
Arismar Marcano
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en: The research presents a set of principles on what should be the ¿eld work in the teaching of Astronomy as a teaching strategy to support the process of initial training of teachers of Earth Sciences. In general, your goal is to establish educational and teaching approaches that serve as query elements in the teaching of Astronomy; highlighting the description of the theoretical contributions that sustain it; explaining the educational value of field work in Astronomy, and developing a form of ¿eldwork according to the issues raised in the course of Astronomy in the specialty of Earth Sciences in order to design various educational proposals applicable in Teaching and the Teaching of Astronomy. It is considered an exploratory and documentary research.>>>
en: The architectural monuments every day become more important given the recognition by researchers of the Engineering, Architecture and Earth Sciences areas. Today are more the studies that make emphasizing its educational value, and between countries that are promoting they are taken to Spain, Mexico, among others. Venezuela is recently developing some initiatives that nearing the teacher to consider the urban scenarios as teaching strategies. The purpose of this study is to recognize the educational potentialities of geological materials present in the internal infrastructure of the “Panteón Nacional” National Monument for teaching of Geology. The geological resources available in the inside of the monument were inventoried, linking the obtained with the curricular contents of the Program Articulation. This for to map out an itinerary of 11 stations with a variety of marbles and travertine, that defined the Geo-Educational Route.>>>
Maryorie Sánchez
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Nathaly Labrador
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Andrea Alcántara
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en: The purpose of the study is zoning the flood hazarding the Borburata River alluvial plain. The methodology considered: (a) Field stage, some physical-geographical variables of the area were corroborated; (b) laboratory stage, Terrain Digital Elevation Models (TDEM) were made; and (c) phase cabinet, the distribution space and temporary of the rainfalls were analyzed, calculation of the morphometric parameters, estimate of the Àood sheet deep sand peak discharges. The results indicate a bimodal regime with greater presence of rains between the months of April and December, peak discharges of 6.2m3/s and941.8m3/s for return periods between 2 and1000 years. Morphometry reflects catchments of small dimensions, with short concentration times. It is concluded that the area presents a high flood hazard, mainly in the sectors of the plain where the Borburata population is located.>>>
en: The influence of rainfall on human activities has led to the development of studies to understand its dynamics and potential use. However, the production of rainfall investigations and their respective mapping for the Miranda state is scarce. The purpose of the research was to determine rainfall types for the Miranda state, from the study of the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation. There were chosen 129 stations located on Miranda and neighboring states, with 20 years or more of record for the period 1961 - 1990. Using geostatistical and spatial analysis techniques were identi¿ed and characterized six pluviometric types: Barlovento Litoral, Barlovento Plain, Guarenas-Guatire Valleys, Tuy Valleys, Caracas and Interior Highlands. The complex topography of the state and the influence of air masses and wind systems of local circulation, are considered as the factors responsible for the regional rainfall variety.>>>
Loan José Landaeta
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Orlando González
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en: A brief chronicle of the activities of teaching, research and extension carried out at the Laboratory of Pedology and Quaternary Geology, Department of Earth Sciences UPEL-IPC is presented, since its inception in September 1981 until today. This academic enclosure created for teaching Pedology and Quaternary paleoenvironments, has largely contributed to the consolidation of that research culture that has characterized the Department of Earth Sciences since its inception. In the development of the history of the laboratory it is apparent that not only were the teaching activities in undergraduate and postgraduate goals to achieve, but also has complied with other university functions. The creation of the laboratory and especially its consolidation, constancy and permanence, has been hard, continuous and slowly but sure.>>>
Maximiliano Bezada
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