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en: Seeking to prevent antisocial behavior, the study of the biological basis of empathy has gained certain relevance in recent years. Some studies have pointed out the involvement of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and cortisol in empathy, but few have studied the relationship between the first and Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR), as an indicator of HPA’s basal activity. This research aims to study the relationship between empathy (cognitive and emotional) and CAR in 39 men and 91 women (47 in the follicular phase and 44 in the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle). CAR was obtained from saliva samples collected upon awakening and 30, 45 and 60 minutes later; empathy was assessed using the Interpersonal Reactivity Index. The results show that women exhibit greater cognitive empathy, when the increase in CAR during the follicular phase is greater. Men, on the other hand, experiment fewer sympathy or emotional contagion when the increase in CAR is greater. Therefore, the differences found between empathy and sympathy regarding gender and menstrual cycle phases in women could be explained by different psychobiological patterns.>>>
Nuria Milió-Nacher
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Patricia Sariñana-González
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Nicolás Ruiz-Robledillo
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Sara Vitoria-Estruch
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Miguel Bellosta-Batalla
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Katina Kovacheva
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Ángel Romero-Martínez
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Luis Moya-Albiol
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en: The current economic crisis of contemporary western societies, along with the exponential increase of unemployment, will delay the entry into the working world of younger generations looking for their first job, anticipating this climate of uncertainty for students who are in the final phase of their higher education. This research aimed to analyze the perceptions that the graduate students of a higher education institution, in the economics and management area, ascribe to the transition into the labor market, after concluding their studies, regarding the degree of satisfaction with the academic training received, taking into account the variables of gender, study life-cycle, associativity, and residence status. The instruments used in this study, based on a sample of 227 students, were: a socio-demographic questionnaire, created within the framework of this study; a scale of the meanings of transition from higher education to work (Escala de Significados da Transição do Ensino Superior para o Trabalho; Monteiro, Santos, & Gonçalves, 2015), and a higher education satisfaction scale (Escala de Satisfação com a Formação Superior; Ramos & Gonçalves, 2014). The results indicate significant differences regarding gender, study lifecycle and associativity with regard to the perception of the transition from university to work, and the degree of satisfaction felt towards the academic training received.>>>
Elisabete Sousa
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Carlos Gonçalves
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en: The aim of this paper was to describe profiles of psychosocial adjustment and vulnerability in adolescents, and to study its relationship with emotional distress in a representative sample of young people (52% boys and 48% girls) between 11 and 16 years old (M = 13.38; SD = 1.70) from Elche city (Alicante, Spain). The variables considered for the profiles’ construction were: gender, academic level, self-concept dimensions, self-esteem, perceived social support, family cohesion, school adaptation, community feeling, hostile cognitions and behavior problems. A Two-step Clustering Procedure was used and additional variance and discriminant analyses were performed to contribute to the statistical robustness of the results, which revealed four groups of adolescents ranging from higher to lower psychosocial adjustment. Indicators of emotional distress contributed to discriminate between groups, so that groups with higher psychosocial vulnerability showed higher emotional problems. This paper offers recommendations for the detection of adolescents in psychosocial risk, as well as for the prevention and design of programmes.>>>
en: The aim of this research study was to know, through a correlational design, the predictive value of parental practices perceived by adolescents regarding their study habits and learning strategies. A total of 234 male and female Argentinian adolescents, from 8th through 12th grade participated in the study. In order to obtain the data, an abbreviated Argentinian version (Versión Abreviada del Inventario de la Percepción de los Hijos Acerca de las Relaciones con sus Padres para Adolescentes; Richaud de Minzi, 2005) of Schaefer’s Children’s Report of Parental Behavior Inventory (1965) for adolescents was used, as well as an Argentinian version (Inventario de Estrategias de Aprendizaje y Estudio; Strucchi, 1991) of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, developed by Weinstein and Palmer (1988). Results revealed that students who perceive a high level of pathological control or are granted extreme autonomy by their parents, show less development of learning strategies. Whereas students who perceive their parents as accepting, show a better development and usage of learning strategies.>>>
Nancy Marlene Malander
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en: Through a study case based on observations, interviews and a focus group, this article seeks to describe the tensions that arise in a collective organization, which becomes independent of a non-government organization in an emerging community center in the region of Valparaiso, Chile (fifth region). This tensions are related to the subjectivity of the community psychologist which is constructed in said context. The results show an initial disciplinary tension, which refers to the role of the psychology in the community center and a second political tension, which analyzes the social function of the community center and the volunteer work as mechanism for that function.>>>
Claudia Carrasco-Aguilar
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Gustavo Cerda-Gonzalez
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María Julia Baltar-de Andrade
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Cristian Zamora-Astudillo
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Álvaro Castillo-Muñoza
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en: This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of allowing or restricting verbal interaction between dyads of participants when performing cooperative tasks. It was also analyzed whether the performance when solving the task was affected by the participants’ verbal interactions. The experimental setting entailed the assembly of tridimensional figures in two computers connected through internet. Sixteen undergraduate students were randomly assigned to each experimental group. One group had to solve the task without the aid of verbal communication, while the other did not have this restriction. It was observed that the participants, which were allowed to interact were more efficient than the ones who were not allowed to communicate with each other. Most of the participants who were able to interact verbally made directive statements, but apparently this did not affect the performance’s efficiency. Results are discussed in terms of the type of answer required for the task, the language role in the interactions and the established relationships between the participants involved, which may ease the execution of cooperative tasks.>>>
Adriana Peña-Pérez Negrón
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en: Nowadays it is imperative to have predictors that allow an early and accurate detection of bipolar disorder, in general and bipolar type II disorder, in particular. Affective temperaments refer to different types of emotional reactivity, which are temporarily stable throughout the life cycle and demonstrate a relevant biological basis. Given the lack of previous research, possible relations between the onset age of 32 euthymic patients diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, and the cyclothymic, depressive, irritable, anxious and hyperthymic affective temperaments features were explored. The participants had an average age of 51.5 (interquartile range: 8) and 65.6% of the sample were men. A high and significant inverse correlation was found between the onset age of bipolar disorder and depressive temperament. Between cyclothymic, irritable and anxious temperaments, correlations were statistically significant, although moderate and inverse. Hyperthymic temperament did not significantly correlate with the onset age. When performing multivariate linear regression analyses, no satisfactory models were found. The systematic evaluation of affective temperaments, in those individuals who are prone to develop an affective disorder, should be included in the set of common evaluation techniques.>>>
Gustavo Vázquez
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Javier Bustamante
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