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en: The juvenile maladjustment is associated with several psychosocial factors, the family and school some of the most significant. The aim of this study is to explain the relationship between socialization and coping factors in problem solving for the development of social competence adapted in the adolescent period. To this end, participants selected trough by purposive sampling with subsampling cluster with a total of 493 adolescents students (age range 12-19 years). The found results confirm that our teenagers have the means to address problems and opt for the immediacy of the response, noting important variables as those having to do with social support and consideration of others, the negative influence of social withdrawal and self-control in social relations. The importance of the socialization process in the scaffold is proposed to achieve a competent adaptation .>>>
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Díaz
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Anastasio Ovejero Bernal
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Carolina Bringas Molleda
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María de la Villa Moral Jiménez
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en: The Self-regulated training is effective to developing deep and significant learning. The aim of this study was to determine whether there were differences before-after in self-regulation training in acquisition, coding, recovery, metacognition and support information learning strategies use. We work with 41 secondary students’ 19 experimental group (12 men and 7 female) and 22 control group (5 men and 17 female) mean age range 15.40-15.50. We em - ployed an experimental design before-after equivalent control group. We found, inter group analysis, significant differences in control group to use some acquisition strategies and coding, recovery and metacognition strategies in experimental group. Also, in intra group analysis, we found significant differences in experimental group to coding, recovery and metacognition strategies use. Consequently the self-regulated training improves the use strategies related with reflective learning.>>>
María Consuelo Sáiz-Manzanares
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Magdalena Isabel Pérez Pérez
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en: Various studies place university teaching as a one the professions at higher risk to experience instability and occupational stress. The present research explored the level of burnout and emotional intelligence skills in a sample of 60 full-time professors at the Pontificia Univer - sidad Católica del Ecuador, sede Ambato. Analysis of multiple mediation were conducted and found that: a) the research and the social work are significantly associated with burnout, and the task of teaching is perceived with optimal performance, b) health mediates the relation between occupational stress and burnout, and gender is only related to burnout, and c) emotional regulation mediates the relation between professor`s performance and occupational satisfaction. The implications of these findings in the occupational health of university professors are discussed.>>>
en: The aim of this study was to analyze the psychometric properties of the test Internalized Homophobia IHP , accessible and Herek auto Glunt report in 1995. A design of psychome - tric instruments was implemented. The sampling was non probabilistic type Snowball. 328 self-identified as homosexual men and bisexuals in three Colombian cities residents, aged 14 and 67, they answered the PHI . Evidence of content validity, and construct nomological is presented. Total reliability is analyzed and sub test was calculated by Cronbach’s Alpha from the factors that threw the Exploratory Factor Analysis. Among expert judges there was significant agreement on consistency, adequacy, clarity and acceptability but not relevance of items; PHI has good nomological validity when correlated significantly with other cons - tructs such as gender roles (r = .36, p = .001), concern about body image (r = .35, p = .002) and minority stress (r = .25; p = .033). Exploratory factor analysis yielded two factors that explain 54% of variance. PHI has acceptable reliability (α total= .71; α1 = .84; α2 = .60). We conclude that this test has adequate psychometric characteristics.>>>
Carlos Alejandro
Universidad del Norte
en: The aim of this paper is to analyze the bibliometric indicators and collaborative networks found in one of the most representative psychology journals of the Colombian Caribbean region (Psicología desde el Caribe), in issues published between the years 2009 and 2013. An analysis of 12 issues evince the importance given to collaborative work, a significant number of texts have been written by several authors (83.2%), namely Colombian nationals, who have chosen to work with authors hailing from Spain, Mexico, and the United States. Also, there is a marked preference for a network of Brazilian authors. Applied research in the clinical social area is the most preferred by authors who publish in this journal. The journal Psicología desde el Caribe is recognized as a publication which includes articles principally in Spanish, and which seems to merit confidence and trust of authors from all American nations and Spain.>>>
José Hernando Ávila-Toscano
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Ailed Daniela Marenco-Escuderos
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en: The main objective of this text is to introduce the concept of civility geography as a proposal to analyze weaves and in situ strategies on how local populations (Colombian, in this the case) have faced and avoided the consequences of the armed conflict through dicoursive positions and real acts of civility and dignity. To materialize it, the conceptualization and ethnography of “scenarios”, “strategies”, “weaves”, and “scales” will be used. In terms of the methodo- logy, a comparison will be made between two ways of looking for the civility: one based on the proxemic system, modalities of knowledge and cultural representations, while the other approaches to a political perspective. To obtain the information along the project, open interviews, active and passive direct observation recorded in a field diary, pictures, filming, conceptual cartography to assemble narratives and perspectives, and finally to SIG cartography were used. Information analysis was made with the Nvivo and Hyper RESEARCH software.>>>
Beatriz Nates Cruz
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en: The present paper is a theoretical review of transference, analyst’s desire and interpretation as a psychoanalytic concepts and analytic elements. The main question is how the analyst ́s desire, transference, and interpretation take place in psychoanalytic clinic? Transference and interpretation are the most important elements in analysis, however, the analyst ́s desire occur before the analytic situation, the analyst ́s desire and the transference create the atmosphere to the interpretation.>>>
en: In order to create an overview of research in Latin America burnout, we make a systematic review of 89 studies, that have been published in scientific journals, books and reports of scientific events in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, from 2000 year to 2010; a high percentage of research methodological approaches used in the conceptual approaches and the instrument developed by Maslach and Jackson, followed by Pedro Gil -Monte. The designs of the research are descriptive - correlations. Some research conducted validation of instruments, mostly in caring professions. It is concluded that, in most of the research was done using theories and testing methods created in “developed”, industrialized countries without reflection on the specificity of their own work processes in the Latin American context.>>>
Fátima Díaz Bambula
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Ingrid Carolina Gómez
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