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Alberto Aziz Nassif
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Daniela Spenser
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en: The article offers some reflections on the writing of biography, using as a case study the life of Lucas Alamán, the great nineteenth-century statesman and historian. It proposes that much light can be thrown on his life, historical works, and political position by an analysis of his unpublished autobiographical memoir written during the decade of 1830. This document reveals the preoccupation of its author with his family’s loss of social status and wealth, and the tendency of Alamán to understand the history of independent Mexico as one of failure.>>>
en: This article argues that biographies should not only examine the context, work and deeds of biographees, but also their own conceptions of identity. Following the analysis of Norbert Elias, it takes as an example José Gaos’ autobiographical project. The purpose of identifying the psychoanalytical background that lies beneath Gaos’ writing is to show that his personality does not correspond to the model fabricated during the 19th century. It was then when the idea and attributes of the liberal individual was erected into a paradigm of human nature. To question that model and to reconstruct the structures of meaning which sustain each identity would be, in that sense, a competence of the biographical genre.>>>
Aurelia Valero Pie
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en: The article’s goal is to present a methodological exercise in studying the macro, medium and micro space which a biographer can use to get to know the cultural maps of a person in question. My purpose is to “historicize” space, that is to say, study the different types of images, urban and rural space, and physical and social aspects of the individual and the collective. The appropriation of spaces by a person or a social group gives it a meaning and turns “space” into an everyday practice.>>>
en: The article follows the trajectory of the Latin American Labor Confederation, founded in 1938 and dissolved in 1963. It is also the trajectory of a fragment of Vicente Lombardo Toledano’s life (1894-1968), which he had no interest to divulge. This silenced history reveals Lombardo Toledano’s behind the scenes activities, carried out on behalf of the labor movement in the Western hemisphere. The article explores the phenomena that brought about the dissolution of the confederation, examined against the background of the cold war and the Cuban revolution.>>>
Daniela Spenser
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Mary Kay Vaughan
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en: We review the lyrical and popular narrative in corridos, ballads, with regard to bandits, cristeros and other personalities of the period. We analyze the way corridos picture certain events and meaningful personalities from Colima, Mexico, during the first half of the 20th century. Based on the study of the structure and narrative elements of certain corridos, we come upon social representations of framed facts and historic periods of the region.>>>
en: In the Ikojts community of San Dionisio del Mar, Oaxaca, religious subjectivities live in the midst of apparently divergent traditions and reconfigure themselves around (dis)continuities. Both Catholics and Protestants use the topoi of modernity and tradition depending on contingent circumstances that demand confrontation or negotiation. In this article I explore the multiple ways in which the Ikojts craft their religious identities through an ongoing play of meaningful inconsistencies. I show that the analysis of religious conversions should not polarize around break or continuity but include the possibility of (dis)continuity.>>>
en: We offer an analysis of a course taught during the 2012-2013 academic year to students from the Intercultural University of Veracruz. The article describes the context of the University, its teaching methods, and the subjects offered. Then, the article identifies students’ perceptions of power, political actors, institutions, and the State according to their everyday reality and multicultural environment. Finally, as a result of the findings, the article interprets the ways in which the youngsters conceive power and their mistrusting and ambiguous vision of the State and public institutions.>>>
Salvador Martí I Puig
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en: This work aims to contribute to understand some of the change processes older adults live today and the transformation of the concept of aging. We review the concepts of displaced death, inheritance and debt, the place of the sacred word and the transgenerational confrontation of these older adults with their own grandparents. Finally, we examine whether it is possible to articulate these processes with Foucault’s concept of “caring for”, criticizing the ideas of Erikson regarding the wisdom as an achievement of this stage.>>>
Alejandro Klein
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Juan Luis Sariego Rodríguez
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