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en: An overview of some milestones in sociological theory leads to the review of some key contributions of interest to the sociological discussion on the process of becoming a subject. This paper presents the results of such overview, guided by the two major micro-sociological processes involved in the formation of the subject, socialization and subjectivation, and tries to formulate a single theory that emphasises the complementarity of both processes in the formation of the subject within the frame of social structure and its macro-sociological processes of social reproduction and change. In doing so, the starting point is the thesis that a subject is produced between constriction and possibility. The overview is concretized in the field of Education. The paper concludes with the formulation a theory in which action, subject and structure are interconnected through processes of both maintaining and challenging social structures, in so far as the reflexivity of practice makes social change possible.>>>
en: The article presents a dialogue process within the framework of the Basque Country conflict. Taking the proposals of systemic conflict transformation approach, a scene of dialogue was designed to generate consensuses on the fundamental issues that involves peace in Basque Country. After exposing the study's theoretical foundation, the article explains the elements and phases of process of ongoing dialogue. Later, it presents consensuses obtained on the questions worked, that is, reconciliation and coexistence, memory and historical narrative, the political dimension of conflict, citizen participation for peace, victims and prisoners. Finally, the paper presents recommendations for peace in Basque Country, as the participation of all stakeholders, the adoption of the human rights as common floor for peace, the disarming of ETA and the transformation of penitentiary and counterterrorism policy.>>>
Xavier Mínguez-Alcaide
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en: The present paper compares the commuicative definitions of "the social" proposed by Niklas Luhmann and Jürgen Habermas from a systematic perspective. From the results reached, the reciprocal receptions between the authors are discussed and a renewed theoretical interpretation of divergences and convergences is proposed. The hypothesis of the work states that Habermas and Luhmann, based in the concept of communication, converge in a radically dyadic and multi-leveled conception of the sociological analytical unit, however they diverge in its analytical segmentation.>>>
Sergio Pignuoli-Ocampo
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en: Addressing a pragmatic sociology perspective, this article presents the results of a study carried out in Chile in a context characterized by growing public debate about social inequalities and increasing criticisms from ordinary people. Using a methodology based on a classificatory card game, we seek to understand how people describe society, its hierarchies, and the groups that compose it, as well as the arguments used to justify or criticize inequalities. We analyze the principles and values that organize the representations of Chilean society and focus on the dynamics of class and gender that feed those classifications. This exercise helps show that social critique and legitimation of inequality can operate simultaneously but at different levels.>>>
Virginia Guzmán
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Emmanuelle Barozet
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María Luisa Méndez
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en: In the current crisis, citizens are demanding greater public sector transparency and accountability. In this paper, we advance the understanding of sustainability practices in public administration. We propose to compare the dissemination of sustainability of various regional governments, analyzing the websites of these regional governments through a content analysis, using for this purpose a list of items obtained from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.Our results show that Spanish regional governments, spread two-thirds of the information in the GRI guidelines, being the social information which presents a higher level of response and corresponding general aspects which has a lower level of dissemination. In addition, those regional governments with greater environmental commitment are those who publish more information about sustainability. From our conclusions, we emphasize that the poor financial situation of the Spanish regional governments does not seem to promote them to disseminate information about sustainability.>>>
Francisco J. Alcaraz-Quiles
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Andrés Navarro-Galera
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David Ortiz-Rodríguez
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en: This article analyzes the impact of the implementation of New Public Management doctrines in Chilean public administration. In this work, three administrative doctrines are presented and linked with three corruption scandals that took place in Chile. The research strategy is qualitative, using a case study approach for data gathering. This paper is aimed at exploring the potential connection between the implementation of these new administrative doctrines and the emergence of deeds that are at odds with public ethics. After presenting these three cases, three alternative solutions to those newly adapted doctrines are presented, which are a better prescription regarding public agencies' performance in the region.>>>
Cristian Pliscoff -Varas
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en: On the first Saturday of July, Madrid hosts the State LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Pride Demonstration with participants from LGTB activist groups, trade unions, political parties, NGOs and entrepreneurship. It involves around one million people and generates a profit of around 110 million euros. The participation of commercially sponsored floats along with the large influx of tourists that visit Madrid feed the discussions on the commercialization of the event and on the relationship between neoliberalism, identity and protest. These debates refer to the old tensions between critical activism and assimilationist activism. This article is based on a continued ethnographic fieldwork that combines participant observation, digital ethnography and in-depth interviews. We propose that the tensions between protest, activism, market and spectacle can be productive —as the Spanish LGTB movement has proved— and can create a new landscape of inclusive, hybrid and vindicating identity conceptions.>>>
en: This is a theoretical proposal for the study of political careers from the perspective of three different moments (entrance, development and exit) according to the use of political capital made by politicians. Different patterns of political capital as well as their impact on political trajectories are studied; the weight of time and economic resources (political income) are also considered. A politician is somebody elected trough an electoral process and/or nominated by someone elected; it is also the case of any organic member of an institution, e.g., a political party. Regardless of the case, this individual must receive a salary for such activity.>>>
Manuel Alcántara Sáez
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en: Kabeer's simple and illustrative definition of empowerment is "the expansion in people's ability to make strategic life choices in a context where this ability was previously denied to them" (Kabeer, 1999: 437). Women's empowerment, then, is conceptualized as an increase in agency over time. Little is it known about the importance of the effect of 'self directed motivations and desires' and autonomy on women's agency. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relationships among women's autonomy and labor force participation along with their effects on women's agency in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. For this, we use the structural equation modeling approach. Our results reveal that women's autonomy and participation in the labor market positively influence their agency levels.>>>
Jeyle Ortiz-Rodríguez
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Vijayan K. Pillai
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Manuel Ribeiro-Ferreira
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